Work plan

To realize the digital platform with the various tools, the project is divided into ten work packages, where each of the 25 partners takes on knowhow-specific responsibilities.

Use cases

Machinery: Remanufacturing of parts and consumables with circular loops, highlighting platform architecture and services involving multiple actors. Sub-cases: upgrading of moulds and dies, and restoration of cutting tools.

Electric motors: Presentation of digital tools, demonstration of knowledge formalisation tools, redesign of induction motors to variable reluctance motors.

Automotive: Advancing standards in planning, analysing and simulating circular value streams for remanufacturing, enabling companies to simulate and test improvements and new products.

Energy: Contributing to decarbonisation, promoting the Hydrogen Interlocking Value Chain™, requiring high-effi ciency turbocompressors and retrofi ts, remanufacturing natural gas compressors for hydrogen compression.