RemaNet – Remanufacturing Network

Our Long-term vision is to establish a new remanufacturing business model by creating a community where different actors can make available their specific know-how and contribute to any step of the remanufacturing process.

The expected results are:

  • Development of a digital platform providing a standard for manufacturing and re-manufacturing with an integrated and easy-to-use infrastructure, fostering a reliable and secure data flow, access, and use at all levels, from shopfloor and further along the value chain.
  • Development of horizontal digital tools supporting supply and demand matching, by providing secure data sharing to spread the needed competences in terms of human resources or digitized formalized knowledge.
  • Development of vertical digital tools enabling the integration of shopfloor and process data with advanced tools for monitoring, prognostics and full traceability of material and information flows as well as cutting edge remanufacturing technologies.

The new business model developed by the RemaNet project